Friday, November 19, 2010

Autodesk3dsmax 2011 Review

3ds Max 2011: A simple work flowMaster Max breaks the latest version of the signature animation Auto desk.Jeff Hannah | Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 14:43Posted in | Site category: CG, technology, visual effects
Image3ds Max 2011 is the publisher of new materials, manipulation, modeling and video composting tools. All images courtesy of Auto desk.Spring means warm and the annual publication of the latest version of 3ds Max. Edition, 3ds Max 2011, based on many features that were new to 3ds Max 2010, improved usability and performance. 3ds Max 2011 also adds welcome features such as an editor of a new material management window simulation registration. Max scene file compatible with 3ds Max 2010 and the video composition tool.
Material EditorNow there are two versions of the material editor, 3ds Max, publisher of the famous old materials, now known as the editor of compact materials, and slate, the new node editor of the major hardware circuits. Anyone who has used a schema editor Node Joe hardware plug-ins for earlier versions of 3ds Max immediately recognize the slate, as it is based on Node Joe. Slate can create and edit a variety of materials in the field of work and without an understanding of the old concept of multi-material max. You can have as many materials in the workspace that you want to slate. You can also combine different materials max, Mental Ray, Max, Standard, architecture, within a single workspace.
Slate also shows that 1200 new material included in Auto desk 3ds Max Auto desk 2011th Materials replace Pro Materials introduced in 2010-3ds Max These materials may be granted to products of Auto desk, including many Auto CAD, Revit and Inventor. Using context-sensitive integrated oil shale research, you can easily find these and other materials on the stage or library. To organize this wide range of materials that can create new groups of materials in your browser to take regular materials and their parameters for quick reference. Groups may be the color for easy recognition, and you can have groups, what you need.
Materials Browser material editor has been revised in 3ds Max 2011 and the new design gives less cluttered interface and user interface, which agrees with the paper.

From the schematic editor of nonlinear material based on the Max is a welcome addition. Board is something I was hoping for a few years. My materials for creating and editing job much easier with 3ds Max 2011 and
ImageSlate is a new material-node-based editor makes it much easier to improve work flow and productivity.
Quicksilver hardware renderingIf your graphics card supports Shader Model 3.0 or later version of 3ds Max 201, which can be used to quickly create high quality and the animation instantly. Quicksilver handles all possible types of material Max. Unlike the plot appears to clipboard Quicksilver supports alpha-and Z-buffer elements, Motion Blur, reflections, static and dynamic depth of field, see shadows, lighting effects and indirect photometric spatial barriers and the ability to make arbitrary decisions. As a new generation of leaders can not learn to juggle or do some amazing yo-yo trick is to switch the scene to life or a day, to quickly build a customer more than enough to compensate for the loss of these skills during Animator honor.